Training Programmes

Training programmes come in all shapes and sizes, and there is good reason for this. We each have a unique body with different levels of ability and different responses to training. We also all live different lifestyles, have different goals and favour different levels of achievement.

The best training programme for you is one that is created specifically for you. It is YOU-shaped, not one that was used by an elite athlete and then published in a monthly running magazine.

A Speedy Duck Personalised Training Programme will recognise your current ability and then propose a journey of development that will leave you with enough fitness & conditioning to achieve your goal.

A Speedy Duck Supported Training Programme will take this one step further and provide a regular re-issue of the programme according to your progress. This is particularly useful for longer-term training programmes and higher achievers for marathon and multisport events such as Ironman.

You’ve saved so many races for me and helped me perform to the best of my ability. Thanks!

MT, Ironman, 2019