Home Based Service

Speedy Duck is specifically a home-based service. This allows you to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible within your own environment. It also removes the stress associated with driving and parking at a studio/clinic. For some run-training sessions we would arrange to meet at a suitable outdoor space such as a running track or sports field.


How much space do I need?

Sports Therapy and Massage sessions only require space for a Therapy couch or a floor-mat for doing rehab exercises. This is typically done in a lounge area.

Strength & Conditioning work, including Core Stability Training is typically done in the garden, garage or lounge area. A lot of athletes already have a preferred training area within their house/home and may already have a bike set-up on a Turbo-Trainer or Rollers.

What should I wear?

For Massage and Therapy sessions you should wear loose fitting clothes, typically running shorts, sports bra (females) and loose shirt.
For Strength & Conditioning work, including Core Stability Training, you should wear your normal gym kit.

Please remember to remove all jewellery except any small, non-dangling piercings.

What equipment do I need?

For all Massage and Therapy sessions Speedy Duck will bring a portable Therapy Couch and any floor mats.

Speedy Duck will bring all relevant equipment for Core Stability Training. This typically includes mats, exercise ball, medicine balls, resistance bands. Many athletes own and prefer using their own equipment, this is fine but not necessary.

Having you own Heart Rate Monitor HRM is both advantageous and necessary for zone-based performance training for both running and cycling.

The use of a Power-meter is also highly desirable for road riding or turbo-training.

What about Covid-19?

Government & NHS guidelines on social distancing and safe working & hygiene protocols in relation to Covid-19 are very much a moving feast at the moment.

What is important is how these guidelines are put into practice to ensure utmost safety for when I visit you in your home. Honesty and good communication is paramount.

Your safety & wellbeing is my utmost priority.

As well as following current Government guidelines I must insist that:

  • You alert me to the current Covid-19 health status of yourself and anyone living in the household where I would be visiting.
  • Face masks must be worn for all close-quarters face-to-face work, such as one-to-one rehab work or when laying supine (on your Back) on Therapy couch.
  • You must provide a large towel or sheet to lay on whilst on the Therapy couch.
  • I have access to your bathroom to wash my hands both upon arrival and before departure.

Beyond this, specific arrangements will be made on an individual basis.