What is Sports Massage

Sports Massage is a hands-on therapy that is effective for relieving stress, tension and muscular dysfunctions associated with performance training.

It promotes blood flow, reduces both swelling and the build-up of undesirable metabolites that occur after intense exercise. This all aids recovery and helps normalise the body’s tissues.

Regular Sports Massage as part of a maintenance programme can help prevent injuries and promote functional fitness allowing you to train more effectively and with greater peace of mind.

In conjunction with targeted stretching it can improve flexibility and range of motion.

Post exercise massage aids the reduction of muscle spasms, cramps and metabolic build up that occur after intensive exercise and helps to normalise the body’s tissue.

“Colin is the absolute best! His knowledge is second to none and his ability to locate diagnose and work with and on your injury is incredible! Colin has kept me in excellent condition for high stake races, as well as repaired me from injury to race! No one does it better!”

Janine. Xterra World Championship qualifier and finisher, Age-group winner at Henley Ironman Challenge.