Core Stability Training

Core Stability Training CST has very much been the buzz-phrase in recent years but unfortunately it’s importance has been tarnished through misunderstanding by both trainers and athletes alike.

Core Stability provides the postural foundation on which your movement patterns are built and is both activity and sport specific. For example, the functional posture required for cycling is very different to that needed for running or swimming. Having poor CS means that specific movement patterns cannot be performed effectively or efficiently. Thus, having good CS is a fundamental requirement for anyone aiming for a high-performance outcome or looking to remain injury free.

Core Stability Training encompasses more than just Sit-ups and Crunches, which unfortunately is what most people focus on as they don’t understand what they are trying to develop.

CST with Speedy Duck always starts with an assessment of your current ability as this will highlight any strengths & weaknesses in your core function. This is really important as the body is both clever and quick at creating a compensatory [movement] patterns as a way of disguising disfunction or injury. Training then moves on to develop stability relevant to your activity or sport and is normally done in blocks of 10 sessions.

Performed correctly, regular Core Stability Training will provide probably the easiest improvement in your performance.