Training & Coaching

Training & Coaching is not just for elite-level or professional athletes, it’s for anyone who wants to achieve something with the satisfaction that they’ve given it their Best Shot.

For example, imagine you’ve committed yourself to fundraising by entering a charity-marathon event. You want to raise as much money as possible as it’s all going to a very worthy cause. Failing is not an option.

Unless you are already an experienced and conditioned marathon runner you’ll likely need guidance to ensure that you:

(1) stand on the start-line in a physically fit & conditioned state,

(2) your training does not break you before the event even starts,

(3) you complete the event in a time that you can be proud of, and

(4) you enjoyed yourself!

This guidance is what we refer to as Training & Coaching. It’s different for everybody and depending on your experience you may need and prefer(!) more or less guidance/support than someone else. Ultimately, you need to be as best prepared so that you can complete that marathon and raise as much money as possible.

Speedy Duck is very experienced at training & coaching real people just like you and can provide different levels of support to suit your needs.

Select what best fits your needs

I’ve been doing weekly fitness training with Colin for many years. He’s great… always creative and super enjoyable.

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