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Achieve your sporting goals through wellness, specific training and injury prevention.

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“You’ve saved so many races for me & helped me perform at my best. Thanks!”

MT, Ironman, 2019

“Colin has trained, coached and kept me injury free for many years”

Exterra world championship competitor

“Fitness training with Colin is great… always creative and super enjoyable”

Coaching client

What can Speedy Duck do for you?

Sports Massage

Active recovery and maintenance are important parts of any training regime, not only for injury prevention but also for optimising the effects of your training. A good massage therapist will tune into your physical status and can often spot an injury before you even know it yourself.

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Core Stability Training

Core Stability is all about the body’s ability to maintain the correct posture whilst doing an activity or sport. It’s important for injury prevention and the technical delivery of any movement pattern or activity… at any level of participation. Doing some regular CS training will provide probably the easiest improvement in your performance. Learn more here.

Injury Assessment

Aches, pains and niggles are often the symptoms of injury or under-recovery. It’s important to identify the underlying cause and take corrective action before it’s too late and you have to stop everything. If you’ve got tight painful hamstrings or a dodgy lower-back or maybe pain in the shoulder/neck region, don’t put up with it anymore. Learn more here and get some help.

Training Programmes

Training, or more correctly, SMART Exercise, is all about YOU doing the right things at the right time. It’s very easy to get this wrong and waste both time and effort, two things that are very valuable in today’s busy lifestyle. A proper training programme is a bespoke plan… customised to YOUR needs and goals, whether that’s a fun run, your first triathlon or hardcore adventure race. A proper training programme will help YOU get the most from yourself and reduce the risk of injury along the way. Learn more here.


The umbrella that pulls together all the factors needed for a performance outcome. Advice & guidance on race planning, strategy, motivation, training programmes, strength & conditioning workouts, optimising recovery & injury prevention, massage therapy. With a total focus on you and your chosen event, whether that’s general fitness, trail-running, triathlon, marathon, Ironman or an adventure race. Choose a level of support that suits you.