About Speedy Duck

Speedy Duck Performance Training was setup in 2005 by Colin Ager. Energetic and passionate about all things fitness & performance related, he has competed at trail running, triathlon and cyclocross and has a keen interest in surfing and skiing.

He has a degree in Physical Education & Biology, is a qualified Sports Masseur, Personal Trainer and is a Strength & Conditioning specialist.

He keeps up to date with current ideas & approaches to training and therapy. This informs his work with clients. He also writes about the subject on his blog which he hopes is an antidote to some of the rather dubious, and sometimes unfit, fitness-advice found online.

I get very excited about performance training, not just top-level feats of endurance, but also simple exercises. Who doesn’t like squats and lunges!”

Colin Ager

Philosophy & Approach

Be honest with yourself, always consider the bigger picture and enjoy what you are doing.

I don’t like things to be complicated. Complication can often cloud our judgement and make us view things through a distorted lens.
Nowadays we all lead busy lives and, as individuals we each have a different limit of capacity. So, whatever challenge you’ve set yourself, put it into the context of everything else going on and view the bigger picture.

Be honest with yourself, because if the bigger picture is distorted or simply greater than your personal capacity, your performance will be less than the sum of parts.

When things are going well, our performance can be greater than the sum and, serendipity aside, successful people tend to display this.

My aim is to help you achieve your sporting goals by enabling you to be greater than the sum of your parts.

My approach is to improve your wellness, get you training properly and help you avoid injury. Additionally, I want you to enjoy what you are doing!

Yes, being able to complete an Ironman is awesome, but completing it and actually enjoying the whole experience is doubly awesome!

Put simply, if we enjoy doing something, we are more likely to succeed and more likely to want to do it again.